Disposable Paper toilet Seat Cover

Our Most Loving Product   Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers, enclosed is the Product Information, Picture, and Quotation for your consideration.

Product Information-:

  • This is a Hygiene Product.
  • Made of recycled paper because it helps to control” Deforestation”.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Do not let your skin get in touch with Dirty Toilet Seats.
  • Easily soluble in water.
  • It is available in Pocket Size Pack.

Packing Details:-

Each Piece size (Unfolded)-21″x16.5″
Each Packet size – 5.5″x5″

Each Packet consists of 10 pieces inside.

S.No Description of the Product Rate  Per Pack   (In  US$)
1. Disposable Paper Toilet  Seat  Covers Rs 50 per pack(MRP)
    10 Pcs =  1 Pack