Fever and Headache Relief Cooling Patch

Fever and Headache Relief Cooling Patch for Children and Adults. It is a fever and headache reliever and 100% Natural. This product is made of non-woven fabric back lining, gel layer, and PE protective film. This Fever and Headache Relief Cooling Patch have an excellent release layer and convenient to use.

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Structure: It consists of a backing layer, gel layer (contains medical gel, glycerol, water, menthol, lavender oil, Eucalyptus Oil) and an excellent release layer, easy tear, and convenience.

Main Ingredients: With active ingredients such as menthol, borneol, lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil inside.

Applicable Scope: It is applicable to physically reduce the local temperature and prevent fever heat, heat convulsions to protect the brain effectively.

Convenient to use:

  • Open the outer bag by carefully cutting or tearing it along the edge.
  • Get out one piece of Cool Patch.
  • Remove and discard the transparent film.
  • Clean the relative body part before using, dry the skin
  • Place the Cool Patch on the forehead, back of the neck or other places you want to cool.
  • Use each Cool Patch for as long as needed but use only once.
  • Works without refrigeration. You can also use them with other medicines.
Warning: Do not apply the patch to sensitive skin positions.



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